Originally commissioned in 2012 by Tom C. Clark High School (Texas)

    "Mysterious front ensemble voicing gives Shift a dark beginning before a haunting flute solo starts the show.
    Supported by an underlying battery presence, woodwind voices build tempo and volume giving way to strong
    brass hits and a powerful full percussion presence. A shift in tempo leads out of the first production with a
    foreboding feel. A clarinet feature opens the ballad, beginning to lighten the production. Different musical voices
    subtly bring back the dark feel with musical falls, before more powerful chordal progressions let the light return,
    completely shifting the mood of the show. The final movement starts building energy right away with driving front
    ensemble runs, increasing the speed and volume before the full ensemble re-enters. A succinct percussion feature
    utilizes strong support from the front ensemble, transitioning to an upbeat major chord dominated feeling, bringing
    the show out of the darkness it started in, and pushing it fully into the light. As quickly as the build occurs, it fades
    out giving one final statement to the flute soloist to bookend the production.

    Composed by John M. Meehan (ASCAP)
    Published by Silent JAM Music (ASCAP)
    Liner Notes by Kendall De Jong

The show title, movement names and show length may be edited to meet the needs of the purchasing ensemble.

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