Music Editing

Full Service Music Editing for Dance Studios and Winter Guards

Music Editing
Audio samples are all edited versions
used by Studio A dance in 2012.

Services (not limited to):

  • Editing to take one single musical source and make it shorter or longer.
  • Mixing multiple musical sources together.
  • Volume manipulation to equalize multiple musical sources or create more effect.
  • Tempo variance to make the musical source faster or slower as needed.
  • Layering of narration/sound/special effects to musical source.
  • Copyright Information: JKS Music provides work-for-hire music editing services. It is the responsibility
    of the performing ensemble (not JKS Music) to follow proper procedures in obtaining proper copyright
    clearance for any and all music. Check with your individual circuit or WGI for further details.

    Pricing: While there are no set costs for music editing, most projects will range between
    $250 and $600 depending on the level of involvement. Estimates will ALWAYS be given up front.