Benefits of a Previously Composed Show

Dear Prospective Band Director,

Thank you for visiting my website and considering my music for your ensembles marching band and indoor percussion needs. I began arranging for drum corps and marching band in 1990 and composed my first original show in 2002. During that time, I have worked with some pretty amazing band directors, students, staff and designers, learning from each and every one on what is expected and enjoyed in the marching arts. With all of that information, I have had many great opportunities since 2002 to compose original marching band shows which I am now proud to offer exclusively through JKS Music. Here are a few of the many benefits I feel make a previously composed show something to seriously consider for almost any marching band or percussion ensemble.

  • Exclusivity - With the purchase of any original show (marching band or indoor percussion) through JKS Music, you are inherently granted regional exclusivity for that performance season. Typically, regional exclusivity translates to the entire state. Some states, such as California and Texas, are exceptions and may have multiple bands performing the same show within a season. With that being said, all bands would still be guaranteed to never compete against each other within the state. Additional states may also be added for a nominal fee (less than the show purchase price). If you plan on performing at a Bands of America regional (including grand nationals) or a W.G.I. regional (including finals), additional permission will need to be granted (again, less than the show purchase price). With regional exclusivity through JKS Music, you never again have to worry about performing the same music as a competitor!
  • Cost Effective - To purchase the full wind parts (standard or reduced instrumentation) and percussion parts (battery and pit) for a previously composed original show through JKS Music, the cost would be $1,700. Similarly, to hire a company to obtain permission to arrange and perform (approximately $250) and pay publisher fees for that permission (approx. $1,250), the total would be around $1,500, and that's before having to pay for the wind and percussion arranger(s).
  • Time Effective - Once the request to purchase a previously composed show through JKS Music has been completed, and the paperwork agreed to, the show (winds and percussion) is typically delivered within two (2) weeks. Again, using the permission to arrange and perform request comparison, it typically takes publishers between 6 & 8 weeks (sometimes more) to grant permission. This is time taken up before the wind and percussion arranger(s) can even begin work.
  • Proven Quality - With a previously composed show through JKS Music, you are getting a show that was designed with the competitive marching band in mind. Every original show in the JKS Music library was written to the performance and effect needs of todays ensembles. Shows like The Hypar Effect, H2O, Perpetual Rhythms, Through the Eyes of a Child, The Road Not Taken, The Heist and many more have won circuit, state and Bands of America regional titles. All wind parts are composed and arranged by John M. Meehan with the percussion parts penned by some of the best in the business today (such as John Mapes, Mike Huestis and Ike Jackson).

Over the years, I have been given many compliments on my original music in that is has melody, thoughtfulness and character that most contemporary marching music lacks. With every show I write (and have written), I try to paint musical pictures as a film composer would. Because of this, the music has to actually tell the story to the audience through orchestration, flow and melody. I think music that students can have fun playing, while still challenging them and allowing for a competitive product, is extremely important in our activity.

I hope this information makes sense and helps as you prepare for the upcoming season.

John M. Meehan