Virtual Clinic

ONLY $200 for a "Virtual Clinic" with John Meehan of The Blue Devils.
Includes MVP Studies for Marching Band - a $50 value!

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Once the order is received, you'll hear from John within 24 hours with all the details!

Bringing in a clinician can be a VERY important part of a band programs success. Unfortunately, between
clinician fees, travel costs, and other factors, many bands aren’t able to do this as often as they would like.

What is a “Virtual Clinic”? Well, in a nutshell...

• The band would simply post a video of their show (rehearsal run through or competition) to YouTube
(public, or private, just as long as it is immediately accessible). Similar to a judges evaluation,
John will comment on overall general effect, music ensemble, and musical individual performance.

• To help John with specific musical commentary, also sending PDF files of the wind scores is encouraged.

• Finally, the band could also send John a series of questions that he would answer directly.

All “Virtual Clinics” would be completed and replied to within 48 to 72 hours of receiving ALL materials.

Virtual Clinic
A "Virtual Clinic" with John Meehan.
• Owner, Composer, Arranger, and Clinician for JKS Music
• Brass Caption Head/Arranger for The Blue Devils
• Brass Arranger and Advisor for the Blue Devils 'B' & 'C' Corps

While nothing will ever replace having clinicians in to work with your band program,
a “Virtual Clinic" can be a cost effective alternative that could help as the season progresses.