Remote Consultation

Prices vary, please contact John for more information.

When you hire John for a remote consultation, you get his MVP Studies and Autumn included!

Services range from...

• Full consultation from the beginning of your design process to the end of your fall season
• Assistance with permission to arrange and perform requests
• Video evaluation
• Plus many more, just ask!

Remote Consultation
"Remote Consultation" with John Meehan
• Owner, Composer, Arranger, and Clinician for JKS Music
• Brass Caption Head/Arranger for The Blue Devils
• Brass Arranger and Advisor for the Blue Devils 'B' & 'C' Corps
Consultation Testimonial:

"Several years ago, I saw an advertisement for a Virtual Clinic with John Meehan. I knew what John could do
with a DCI brass section, but wasn’t sure what he had to offer my high school band. At the time, I was in the middle
of marching season and thought "for the price, it's worth seeing what this guy has to offer my program."

I reached out to John, he replied within a day, and I then sent him a video of my show and a copy of the music score.
A couple days later, he sent back two pages of notes with suggestions I could do to make my band immediately better.
His suggestions ranged from re-orchestration of chords, changes based on staging, balance fixes, and things we
could do to clarify overall style and intent. He didn’t just give me 'tick-sheet' of what wasn’t working, he gave me a
legitimate list of ideas on how to FIX what wasn’t working. I was so impressed with John’s feedback that I ended up
hiring John for several more virtual clinics that season.

Now, almost a decade later, I still look forward to the feedback I get from John every time he assesses
one of our performances."

Mike Ary, Director of Bands, James E. Taylor High School, Katy, Texas