House of Cards

Based on the marching band show of the same title, "House of Cards" has been
expertly adapted for indoor percussion by John Mapes.

The show title, movement names and show length may be edited to meet the needs of the purchasing ensemble.

House of Cards
Level: Medium-Difficult
Duration: 5:30
  • Composed by John M. Meehan (ASCAP)
  • Published by Silent JAM Music (ASCAP)
  • Indoor percussion by John Mapes
  • $800 - Full set of percussion scores and parts by John Mapes with "as is" instrumentation.
  • Snares
  • Tenors
  • 4 OR 5 Bass Drums
  • Cymbals
  • 3 Marimbas
  • Xylophone/Crotales
  • 3 Vibraphones
  • Glockenspiel/Chimes
  • Timpani
  • 2 Synths
  • 2 Aux. Percussion