What is "public domain"?

Definition: A public domain work is a creative work that is not protected by copyright and which may be freely used by everyone. The reasons that a work would not be protected include:

  1. the term of copyright for the work has expired;
  2. the author failed to satisfy statutory formalities to perfect the copyright;
  3. the work is a work of the U.S. Government.

For more information on this subject, please visit the Bands of America page for Copyright Music Laws.

Can adjustments be made to your shows?

Of course! An additional fee would apply depending on the amount of changes.

Can I get you to alter one of your previous original shows?

Same as above.

Can I mix and match movements of your different shows to make my own show?


Can I buy one or more of your previously composed movements and hire you to compose one or more new movements?

YES! The previously composed movements would be at the single movement price, then we could prorate the new composition depending on how much time is needed.

Can you guarantee regional exclusivity?

YES! With every original show purchased, the band would get statewide exclusivity. For additional fees, you could also add other states, or Bands of America regionals or Grand National Championships. For arranged shows, while I would guarantee my arrangement for your state, there is no way to guarantee you would be the only band in your area or state to perform that piece of music.

How long do you need to compose a new show?

I like to have all new commissions started by the end of January to ensure delivery by the end of school (late May/early June).

What do I get when I buy a new or previously composed show from JKS Music?

You would get a complete set of parts and scores in PDF format, count sheets with all of my wind, percussion and visual ideas for the show (in most cases), as well as live or full ensemble midi MP3's of the entire show, a letter of permission to perform, and a document granting license to copy.

If I hire JKS Music to arrange a show, do I have to obtain permission to arrange and perform first?

I am a big advocate for the Copyright laws and will not arrange anything before getting the appropriate permissions. Within the fee you pay me to arrange your show, I would do all of the legwork to obtain all permissions, although the band would be responsible for any and all publisher permission fees.

Does JKS Music offer percussion writing and drill designing services?

YES! JKS Music has a team of designers at all budget levels for your drill and percussion needs.

Can I get editable files (such as Sibelius or Finale) so as I can make my own changes and modifications to a show?

I currently write on Sibelius 8, but for many reasons, do not send out my Sibelius files. For an additional fee to the purchase price, you can request the Sibelius 6 and Music XML files for either or both the winds and percussion for any show. These files would be for your use ONLY during the purchased season. Any use of these files outside of the purchased season would go against the legal document signed upon agreement.

What are your payment conditions like?

Although I like to do half up front and half upon completion, I understand all school budgets are different, so I am open to almost all payment options. Once the agreement is signed by both parties, all payments need to be made by October 31 of the purchasing and performing year.